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Information and Data Governance

Data Management

Our consultants are experienced in the breadth and depths of data management, from enterprise content services, master data management, data architecture to data quality and metadata management.

Information Governance

Information is increasingly being recognized as a central, valuable and critical asset, organisations are progressively defining business decisions on informed decision making. Whilst information can and will enable this, it is vital that it’s managed with the correct controls and measures to keep it safe, secure and compliant.

Our consultants can provide expertise in various ways to support you to do this – whether this be health checks and as is assessments, or the creation of information governance strategies and frameworks. Information will underpin all you do, regardless of the nature of your business, managing information well will not only build your resilience and compliance, but it will enable you to deliver smarter services.


The world today demands transparency of information as well as protection of privacy, finding the balance between these two important factors requires much experience and knowledge. If your organisation needs support with this, our consultants will be happy to assist in reviewing your existing position, providing recommendations and working with you to implement and transition these changes accordingly. Our consultants are well experienced in data protection, resilience, integrity and data management compliance.